“The Bilderberg Plan for the World”

Mining Affairs Forum By Ken Thornberg

I first heard of the Bilderbergers about 40+ years ago while I was in high school. I had become quite interested in the attempts at man in forming a world government and in particular, the quality of both politicians and businessmen attending this organization’s secret meetings. I knew something was odd about the secrecy of all they were doing, even back then.

This year, this cabala met in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dozens of leaders and CEOs of the world’s major banks and politicos met in the most secure setting one can imagine. The following major groups were represented: media, oil, banks, military, environment, foundations, Internet, espionage, Communism (a member of China’s Communist Central Committee for example). They were all together to discuss their most important goal: globalism.

What we are Told Publicly

What founders of the 60+ year old Bilderberg Group seek to make it publicly appear as is an off-the-record discussion forum. Just a bunch of guys getting together to share stories and coffee. A press release from them spoke of “its purpose to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.” When one sees its obvious paranoia about secrecy and being closed off from the rest of the world, one begins to recognize that it is more than that. But here is the kicker: every year they meet is followed by major changes in policy worldwide that seem to just magically blend together. This is the real conclusion in spite of the fact that the Bilderbergers say that no resolutions are passed or votes taken, no policy statements are issued, and there is no desired outcome. If I was ruling the world behind closed doors, would I make a public statement about my decisions behind closed doors?

What is amazing is that a few attendees have ended up speaking openly about what happens in spite of their swearing to secrecy. They have been fairly open about it being more than just private talk. For example, Etienne Davingnon, presently a Belgium minister of state, told the Eurobserver that the summits “helped create” the controversial euro currency imposed on the then-17 formerly sovereign nations. The summits have also been credited with foisting the European Union on the peoples of Europe. Former attendee Will Hutton, a former British newspaper editor, made it very clear: “Bilderberg is one of the key meetings of the year. The consensus established is the backdrop against which policy is made worldwide.” Unelected, prideful, powerful, rich and globalists. How does that make you feel?

It Raises Up Its Own to Power

How does its organization affect who plays what role in world leadership? Well, in 1991, a relatively unknown governor from Arkansas attended. Shortly afterwards, he became President Bill Clinton. Still again, a basically total unknown, Barack Obama, went to a meeting and then immediately became president with outside help. Has anyone ever wondered how these two total unknowns suddenly came to power? I have and I think some of our readers have as well. The same happened in Britain with Tony Blair. I could go on and on with other European nations also, but I’m sure you get the drift. In 2005, the BBC noted, “All the recent presidents of the European Commission attended Bilderberg meetings before they were appointed.” Sure, if you agree to tow the line, it gives you a tremendous boost in power. In 2009, the virtually unknown Herman Van Rompuy, Belgian Prime Minister, got the job only days after the summit. Where did he stand? “By working together, the EU and Russia can make a decisive contribution to global government.” Can anyone spell “New World Order?” The last laugh belongs to Vladimir Putin who has his Kremlin-controlled media tell the public that he is standing up against the Bilderberg Group and the New World Order. Sure……

So What About Globalism?

These attendees are fanatics about globalism. Globalism is simply defined as the transfer of political power away from nations and their constituents to unaccountable supranational regimes. I have written about some of those efforts recently in speaking of North American trade organizations being a prelude to something like the European Union for North America.

Denis Healey, former British Chancellor of the Exchequer and Bilderberg bigwig said publicly that “we felt a single community throughout the world would be a good thing” in helping stop wars. Seems like a kind thing for them to do, don’t you agree? It certainly sounds agreeable. It is interesting to note that though the organization states that people with “diverse” views are invited, it never includes proponents of national independence. Never. Not one. Says its webpage, “In the context of a globalized world, it is hard to think of any issue that could be tackled unilaterally.” They openly admit that everyone around their table is an “internationalist.”

Who Goes?

So who are some of its attendees that we might be familiar with? Henry Kissinger, NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Treasury Secretary and CFR leader Robert Rubin, Google chairman Eric Schmidt, Goldman Sachs boss Robert Zoellick, former CIA chief David Petraeus, IMF head Christine Lagarde, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, and many, many more. One-third came from government and politics this year. The NSA and M16 were also there, but without James Bond!

What is odd about this is that all major media outlets were AWOL from this meeting. Why? Could it be because most of them were inside the meeting instead of waiting outside for interviews? Those attending included leaders of The Economist, Financial Times, Der Standard, Rainews214 and RAI-TV in Italy, Le Monde in France, etc. Strangely enough, what was carried in those papers within 24 hours of the close of the meeting centered on the directions and policies reached in the meeting itself. Certain persons were being promoted as leaders within the EU and more. Said one reporter for a large newspaper in a small European nation, “Probably almost nobody in my country knows about these meetings because the guys who own the two big private TV channels are inside and the public channel never talks about it.” Nuff said.

So What’s Next?

IMF Chairman Lagarde said that “the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days the IMF was headquartered in Beijing, for instance.” Now the Communist Chinese have called for a global currency and a UN-dominated “New World Order.” EU and top Russian officials promote “integration” between the ruling classes in Moscow and Brussels. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are big proponents of empowering the UN, the IMF, and its proto-global currency known as Special Drawing Rights. Are you getting a clue as to where they wish to take us?

At the meting, masked security men peered down on demonstrators with telescopes and binoculars. The demonstrators were from every political spectrum one could resemble, but they all agreed on one subject: no one has a right to determine a nation’s future behind locked doors. One sign was typical of all of them: “We’re not your property.” And “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” A young Dane, Brian Gideon, told one paper, “Without a doubt, they were discussing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TIPP),” an effort to foist a single, unaccountable regulatory regime and its accompanying kangaroo tribunals over the people of the U.S. and the EU. He said, “Here in Europe, we started with trade agreements like this and we ended up with this European Union, so we kind of know a little bit about how it works.” Indeed they do. He continued, “They want to remove sovereignty and move those powers over to giant supranational governments such as the EU or the United Nations. That is where they have their control—where there is no democratic process or influence from normal people.”

Three Italian members of Parliament went to Denmark and asked that the meetings be live-streamed over the Internet since there were so many who had been elected to offices they held, and if they were unwilling, would they please not invite elected officials. Said Carlo Siblia, “If there is nothing to hide, why are they hiding?” Good question. Are you surprised to find out that the police there would not allow these Parliament members to deliver their document requesting this because it was not “expected?” They were instead sent to the Danish Parliament! Pretty gutsy if you ask me.

Criticism Grows

Following last year’s meeting, British Parliamentarian Michael Mercher called for an end to the secrecy. “These are really big decision makers who have come to concert their plans over the future of capitalism. That is going to affect us, the 99.9%, very extensively, “ he explained. “We have a right to know what they are talking about, what conclusions they reached, and to ask some questions.” An Italian EU Parliament member even tried to crash the party in 2011 (Bless those Italians!) when they met in Switzerland. Obviously, he was detained. He said that the Bilderberg Group was the “root of all evil that afflicts Italy.” I could go on and on with reactions from European lawmakers, but I have noted that few Americans are involved in the opposition. Why not?

It is time for all of us to seriously question why a cadre of power traders would have a right to dictate to citizens of all nations, including the USA, as to what their future will be. To be honest, that is what the term “conspiracy” defines. A cabal of oligarchists choosing our future for us, ignoring what is best for the people and instead determining what is best for their own political and financial gain. Advocates of freedom, transparency, and national sovereignty must pursue their goals with equal vigor and valor today.